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Fast, simple and accurate, Beej! is THE in-vehicle location/navigation application for use with a variety of Pioneer in-dash receivers with Advanced AppMode. Beej! quickly identifies your position and allows you to select the nearest bank, bar, gas station, hospital, hotel, restaurant and more.

Beej! provides a complete list of all the businesses in the category selected, including the distance from your current location and address, with options to get directions (via integrated navigation based on your region) or place a call to the selected business. The layout and aesthetics provide optimal in-vehicle viewing, without becoming a distraction for drivers from safe vehicle operations.

Fast, simple and accurate, Beej! is THE in-vehicle location/navigation application for the Pioneer Advanced App Mode devices.

BEEJ! and the Beej! logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Bad Banana Software LLC (licensed to Technologies LLC for sale and distribution).
PIONEER and APPRADIO and ADVANCED APP MODE are trademarks or registered trademarks of Pioneer Corporation.
iPod, iPod touch, iPhone and iTunes are registered trademarks of Apple Inc.

Jul 24, 2015 – v3.1.7
What’s new in this version? Lots and lots of cool stuff!

– We’ve made some fundamental changes to the underlying API in order to provide a more stable user experience.
– We’ve updated the codebase for iOS8.3.
– Missed the onscreen keyboard? Well, it’s back! We’ve updated the key libraries in order to allow onscreen keyboard usage (for limited devices).
– We’ve implemented fixes for bugs and speed enhancements.

Dec 30, 2014 – v3.1.2
In the latest version (3.1.2) we’ve made the following updates:
– Added POI for additional regions
– Corrected issue where search results were not loading for some users
– Corrected iOS8 keyboard issue on App Radio
– Optimized for iOS8
– Bug fixes and enhancements for speed and responsiveness

Sep 19, 2014 – v3.1.0
– Fixed a bug causing blank “Actively Connected” screen
– Updated to latest Pioneer SDK
– Updated to support Pioneer’s new Inactive State

Jul 15, 2014 – v3.0.5
– Added protocols
– Minor bug fixes and enhancements

Apr 4, 2014 – v3.0.4
– Modified dialogue boxes for Advanced Radio units to be larger
– Added functionality to allow for background music for select music applications
– Minor bug fixes and speed enhancements

Mar 2, 2014 – v3.0.3
– Bug fixes and protocol updates

Feb 18, 2014 – v3.0.2
– Removed the “sample” labels from the map view
– Settings pop-up window adjustments
– Updated the protocols for Advanced App Mode unit connections

Feb 11, 2014 – v3.0.1
– Updated global category search
– Minor bug fixes

Jan 27, 2014 – v3.0.0
***** MAJOR UPDATE! 01/21/2014 *****

What’s new in this version? Everything. We’ve reengineered and rebuilt Beej! from the ground up and have released an app significantly improved from the previous version. The changes are way too numerous to list but we’ll hit a few of the highlights:

– We’ve changed the primary mapping mechanism from our previous API (Apple won’t let us say their name, but you know who they are) to MapQuest, displayed in MapBox
– Routes calculation and Nearby Searches are now handled by Factual, which makes responsiveness and accuracy ultra fast and even more reliable
– We’ve fixed a lot of little nasty bugs that users encountered when searching in specific categories

While we’ve done a lot under the hood, the outerwear got a pretty good boost too:

– Enhanced User Interface. We’ve made a big jump in making the app look and feel sleeker, smoother and more responsive.
– After tracing the route on the map, it zooms so the user’s and destination locations become visible
– The map, handset and compass icons are bigger on the external display
– Fixed Pixel Aspect Ratio
– Display a “Actively Connected” image on iPhone when connected to Pioneer Advanced App Mode devices. Pioneer logo branding features a really slick new highlight animation
– Added a footer bar across the app’s screens. It includes “Beej!” logo branding at the center, a pager at the left when needed and a settings button on the right.
– Settings have been streamlined and enhanced.
– Implemented the Custom Search main-menu feature
– We’ve added other external protocols for future expandability
– Improved the map bounds when viewed on iPhone screen. No map under top and bottom bars anymore.

We could go on and on, but you can see all the new features for yourself.

As always, thanks for your feedback and patience while we’ve made our products better and more suitable for an enhanced user experience. Be on the lookout for a major update to CommuteWX coming soon, too!

Mar 27, 2013 – v2.1.1
– The iPhone user interface has been completely overhauled with a brand new layout, enhanced search features and a more intuitive search API
– The radio interface has also been upgraded with new main screen layout, and redesigned map control features
– Fixed radio screen display for Pioneer AppRadio2 for iPhone 5 lighting connector (now displays full screen)
– Various Bug fixes for stability, speed and responsiveness

Feb 15, 2013 – v1.3.1
– Updated for iOS 6.1
– Updated for Pioneer AppRadio2 (latest Advanced AppMode SDK; iPhone 5 lighting connector)
– Integrated iGoNavigation to navigation app selection for non-US users
– Corrected Push Notification process
– Modifications to Categories/Sub-Categories
– Various enhancements for responsiveness
– Minor bug fixes for stability

Jan 4, 2013 – v1.0.1
– Initial release